Widschwendter, Peter (Austria)

Krems, Danube Private University Krems, Landeskrankenhaus Hall, Austria

About Widschwendter, Peter (Austria)

Primar Univ. Prof. DDr. Peter Widschwendter

Medical Director of the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
A.ö. Landeskrankenhaus Hall
Danube Private University Krems

Training specialities: Pectopexy of the vaginal or cervical stump, hysteropexy, native tissue repair, colposuspension, sacrocolpo-/ cervico-/ hysteropexy and SUI treatment.

Training on DynaMesh®-PRP implants with focus on pelvic floor reconstruction in laparoscopic surgical technique.

Surgical treatment of a prolapse of the vaginal, cervical stump or uterine prolapse in the pectopexy technique.

Training on DynaMesh®-PRS 3.3 x 24 cm implants with focus on pelvic floor reconstruction in laparoscopic surgical technique.
Surgical treatment of the vaginal or cervical stump prolapse, as well as in the treatment of a concomitant cystocele and/or rectocele.

Training on DynaMesh®-SIS implants with focus on surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence, in TOT technique (outside-in, transobturator tape position).


Roboter-assistierte Sakrokolpopexie (#FL248)

2024-06-21 / 09:00 AM - 2024-06-21 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

Robotic-assisted Pectopexy (#FL267)

2024-09-20 / 09:00 AM - 2024-09-20 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

PECTOPEXY – Workshop for Advanced Surgeons (#FL253)

2024-11-08 / 09:00 AM - 2024-11-08 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

PEKTOPEXIE – Workshop für erfahrene Chirurg*innen (#FL136)

2023-06-16 / 09:00 AM - 2023-06-16 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]
Online / Online und Landeskrankenhaus Hall, Milser Straße 10, A-6060 Hall in Tirol

PECTOPEXY – Workshop for Advanced Surgeons (#FL127)

2022-09-22 / 09:00 AM - 2022-09-22 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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DynaMesh®-PRR implants have been specially developed for pelvic floor reconstruction, in laparoscopic or open surgical technique, and serve to support and stabilise fascial structures, connective tissue and ligaments.

DynaMesh®-SIS implants are designed as a midurethral sling for soft tissue reinforcement of the pelvic floor as part of the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence caused by a hypermobile urethra and/or intrinsic sphincter deficiency.

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