Anapolski, Michael (Germany)


About Anapolski, Michael (Germany)

Dr. med. Michael Anapolski

Chief Physician
Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics
Agaplesion Bethesda Krankenhaus

Wuppertal, Germany

Board Member Int. Soc. Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE)

Training on DynaMesh®-PRP implants, pelvic floor reconstruction, in laparoscopic surgical technique with focus on:

  • Pectopexy of the Vaginal or Cervical Stump
  • Anterior Hysteropexy for a small uterus
  • Posterior Hysteropexy for a uterus of more than approx. 70 g
  • Pectopexy – Total Repair
  • Native Tissue Repair
  • Colposuspension lateral repair


There are currently no events.

Pectopexy – The Concept – Training for Advanced Surgeons (#FL72)

2021-12-16 / 09:00 AM - 2021-12-16 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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DynaMesh®-PRP implants have been specially developed for pelvic floor reconstruction, in laparoscopic or open surgical technique, and serve to support and stabilise fascial structures, connective tissue and ligaments.
The implants are used in the surgical treatment of a prolapse of the vaginal/ cervical stump or uterine prolapse in the pectopexy technique.

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