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TAR and Intraoperative Fascial Traction (#FL214)

2024-01-30 / 09:00 AM to 2024-01-30 / 04:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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Exclusively for participants from Saudi Arabia

Dear Colleagues,

Learn more about intraoperative fascial traction (IFT) by use of fasciotens®Hernia and ventral hernia repair by use of DynaMesh®-CICAT implants.
In this LiSTO.academy Online Live Surgery Webinar we will broadcast live from the Hernien Centrum Püttlingen in Germany.
The focus will be on the presentation of a live surgery procedure and a theory lecture as well as the discussion of possible pitfalls and useful tips.

The webinar is aimed at surgeons who want to learn more about IFT with the use of DynaMesh®-CICAT implants and fasciotens®Hernia, deepen their knowledge.
The verbal real-time interaction between the trainer and the participants offers the possibility to exchange experiences and ask questions.

Scheduled case:

76-year-old man, type 1 diabetes, COPD, BMI 35, cortisone therapy.
Recurrent incisional hernia EHS: M1,2,3,4, and 5, W3, L2 on the left.
Condition: multiple bowel obstructions and hernia repairs (8 laparotomies, 2 mesh implantations)
Liver segment resection due to carcinoma

Planned operation:
Preoperative botulinum toxin infiltration, 200 units sonographically guided.
TAR and Intraoperative fascial traction(transabdominal rectus muscle release) on both sides.
Intraoperative fascial traction.
Implantation of DynaMesh®-CICAT Implant.

We look forward to welcoming you online.

DynaMesh®-CICAT implants are designed for soft tissue reinforcement and soft tissue bridging of the fascial and connective tissue structures of the abdominal wall as part of surgical treatment for epigastric hernias, umbilical or incisional hernias, and also as part of incisional hernia prevention.

Exclusively for participants from Saudi Arabia


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2024-01-30 / 09:00 AM to
2024-01-30 / 04:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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2024-01-26 / 08:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]


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