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LaCESA – Laproscopic Bilateral Cervicosacropexy with the use of DynaMesh®-CESA Implant and DynaMesh®-IVT02 Instrument (#FL131)

2022-11-30 / 08:00 AM to 2022-11-30 / 11:00 AM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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In 2012, the DynaMesh®-CESA / VASA implants (PVDF) were used for the first time in Germany. They were developed specifically for the modified sacrocolpopexy procedure with bilateral fixation and replacement of the uterosacral ligaments, which was presented by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Jäger.

Dr. Sebastian Ludwig has been actively involved in the CESA/VASA project since its inception.

Learn more about the standardised surgical pelvic organ prolapse treatment technique LaCESA (lapaorscopic cerviosacropey) with the bilateral fixation of the apex.

The workshop is aimed at advanced surgeons who would like to use these procedures in their practice using DynaMesh®-CESA implants.

In this workshop we will broadcast a live surgical procedure online as well as a theory session followed by a discussion.

The real-time verbal interaction between the trainer and the participants offers the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions directly and at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you online!

DynaMesh®-CESA implants have been specially developed for pelvic floor reconstruction, and particularly for reinforcing or replacing the uterosacral ligaments, in laparoscopic or open surgical technique.
The implants are used in the treatment of a prolapse of the internal genitalia, such as a cervical stump prolapse.

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2022-11-30 / 08:00 AM to
2022-11-30 / 11:00 AM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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2022-11-24 / 01:00 AM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]


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