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Laparoscopic Incisional and Parastomal Hernia Repair – Detailed Technique and Pitfalls (#FL124)

2022-10-13 / 09:00 AM to 2022-10-13 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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Primary and secondary ventral hernias up to size W2 can be treated with techniques such as MILOS, EMILOS, e-TEP.
Laparoscopic IPOM repair remains a valuable alternative for recurrent hernias after extraperitoneal repair or for patients prone to postoperative wound complications.

In this webinar we will broadcast a live surgical procedure online followed by a discussion.

A laparoscopic incisional and parastomal hernia repair will be demonstrated, with particular emphasis on potential surgical errors.

In addition, the unrivalled advantage of using elastic implants will be clearly pointed out.

The webinar is aimed at advanced surgeons who would like to use these procedures in their practice using DynaMesh®-IPOM implants.

We look forward to welcoming you online!

DynaMesh®-IPOM implants are designed for soft tissue reinforcement and soft tissue bridging of the fascial and connective tissue structures of the abdominal wall as part of surgical treatment for epigastric hernias, umbilical or incisional hernias, and parastomal hernias following ostomy surgery.


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2022-10-13 / 09:00 AM to
2022-10-13 / 12:00 PM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]

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2022-10-10 / 02:00 AM [Timezone: Europe/Berlin]


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