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García Ureña, Miguel Ángel (Spain)
García Ureña, Miguel Ángel, M.D.

Head of Departement of Surgery
Hospital Universitario del Henares


Expert in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Incisional Hernia Prevention
Professor of Surgery
Technique developed: Madrid Posterior Component Separation

Training on DynaMesh®-ENDOLAP 3D implants with focus on endoscopic (laparoscopic) repair of inguinal hernias using current minimally invasive surgical techniques (TEP and TAPP).

Training on DynaMesh®-CICAT implants with focus on surgical treatment of primary and secondary ventral hernias up to „loss of domain” situations.

Training on DynaMesh®-IPST implants with focus on the prophylaxis and therapy of hernias and fascial defects in the abdominal wall after ostomy as well as to reinforce connective tissue structures and prevent prolapse of the diverted portion of the intestines.
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There are currently no events.