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Plambeck, Jens (Germany)
Jens Plambeck

Senior Consultant
Clinic for Visceral, Minimally Invasive and Oncological Surgery
Centre Coordinator of the Reference Centre for Hernia Surgery
Marien Hospital


Training on DynaMesh®-CICAT implants with focus on reinforcement and soft tissue bridging of the fascial and connective tissue structures of the abdominal wall as part of surgical treatment for epigastric hernias, umbilical or incisional hernias, and also as part of incisional hernia prevention.

Training on DynaMesh®-HIATUS implants with focus on prosthetic hiatoplasty and achievement of long-lasting support and stabilisation of the diaphragm in the region of the oesophageal hiatus.

Training on DynaMesh®-IPST /-IPST-R implants with focus on the prophylaxis and therapy of hernias and fascial defects in the abdominal wall after ostomy as well as to reinforce connective tissue structures and prevent prolapse of the diverted portion of the intestines.