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Niebuhr, Henning (Germany)
Henning Niebuhr, Prof. Dr. med.

Bethesda Krankenhaus

Training on DynaMesh®-CICAT implants with focus on reinforcement and soft tissue bridging of the fascial and connective tissue structures of the abdominal wall as part of surgical treatment for epigastric hernias, umbilical or incisional hernias, and also as part of incisional hernia prevention.

Training on intraoperative fascial traction (IFT) by using fasciotens®Hernia with an experience of >100 W3 Hernia repairs with IFT. Previously, in order to close complex hernias, time-consuming and complex abdominal wall reconstruction procedures were required. fasciotens®Hernia makes it possible to stretch the abdominal wall intraoperatively in approx. 30 minutes via standardised, controlled traction.

Thanks to the (CE-)certified fasciotens®Hernia, a mean gain in length of approx. 10 cm can be achieved with maximum preservation of tissue, which makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the abdominal wall and to close the hernia directly and anatomically.1, 2)

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  2. Niebuhr et al. Intraoperative Faszientraktion (IFT) zur Behandlung großer ventraler Hernien: Eine retrospektive Analyse von 50 Fällen [Intraoperative fascial traction (IFT) for treatment of large ventral hernias : A retrospective analysis of 50 cases]. Chirurg. 2022 Mar;93(3):292-298. German. doi: 10.1007/s00104-021-01552-0. Epub 2021 Dec 14. Erratum in: Chirurg. 2022 Feb 22;: PMID: 34907456; PMCID: PMC8894171
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